Why is our history so important?

It is important for cultural and spiritual continuity. It is important that each succeeding generation know the history of its people.

There are blessings which we now enjoy that many take for granted because they do not know of the tears and bloodshed in order to wrest those rights and privileges from the oppressor. And there are many young family members today who feel they don’t really know family history. They feel they are a part of the ‘mainstream,’ they are going to have a great awaking! The experience will be less traumatic for they know their history. And there is the old adage, those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. So let us remember our history.

Where it all started

The Mayfield family was traced back to Mobile, Alabama where they were auctioned off as slaves by a white slave buyer named Mayfield.

Hal and Harriet Irby Mayfield migrated from Calhoun to Chickasaw County.

The Mayfield’s have lived in Mississippi for over a century. They planted a seed, which continued to grow from generation to generation. There are new families, births, brothers, and sisters. They survived the Civil War and World War I.

Hal and Harriet Mayfield have nine wonderful children. They were successful people. Hal was a horse trader. As of today, it is still believed to be in the family. He organized a school in Union Baptist Community, which was later called Mayfield School. There was a school located near his home called Mt. Zion School.

Hal died in 1927 and Harriet died in 1946, during World War II. They will be remembered for their contributions of offspring.